Boost Your Retention by Delivering a World Class Frontline Worker Experience

While frontline work may seem fairly simple on the surface, there is a tremendous amount of complexity behind the scenes to make it work well.

More than just offering a fair wage, employers that want to stand out from the crowd must consider other critical elements like culture, leadership, and technology in order to be successful.

The Frontline Workforce Report uncovers:

  • What makes frontline workers want to stay in a job
  • How flexibility is possible, even in frontline roles
  • What role technology plays in worker success and satisfaction

Key Takeaways

7 in 10


Only 50%

talent leaders say that hiring went from a recruiting priority to an operational priority in the last year

is the increase in the likelihood of a frontline employee quitting their job due to the absence of a supportive manager

of workers think they are treated equitably with corporate staff


About the Study

The Frontline Workforce Study was gathered via online surveys from 3,000 currently employed global workers and published in partnership with Lighthouse Research & Advisory. 



See how your employer brand can stand out for the right reasons